Any traveler can arrive to their destination well rested by using nod2.0 by zdoze, because it’s the only travel pillow to eliminate forward head motion.

You’ve tried traditional travel pillows but they haven’t worked. Your head falls forward jerking you awake. Your neck cramps. And you’ve drooled on the stranger’s shoulder next to you.

You’ve been on long trips where you barely slept, feeling like you need a chiropractic adjustment afterwards. You’re curious if anyone EVER gets decent sleep while traveling. You feel like no matter which kind of pillow you try, nothing is going to work.

Yeah but why does it matter?

Think about your next trip. What do you imagine you’ll be energetically doing when you arrive? Meetings with clients? Grabbing drinks on the beach? It depends on the trip obviously, but picture it.

You’ll want to be invigorated in the present moment, but you’re exhausted from traveling. Here’s the thing: you pay the toll of recovery time every time that you take a trip without solving this problem.

Even if you take only one long trip a year, that’s up to 6 hours of your life you won’t get back. And then if you take 10 trips a year, that’s more than an entire week of recovery time you you won’t get back.

What if I told you it didn’t have to be that way?

Before inventing the nod2.0, it used to take me days to recover. I traveled every week for work from Tennessee to New York, feeling more and more jetlagged as weeks went on. Fatigue became my new normal.

I wanted more out of life dang it!!!

So I invented a way to align my head, neck and spine to more closely match the way people sleep in a bed. I designed this new “pillow” to attach to any kind of chair; airline, car, train, office chair, you name it. This prevented my head from bobbing forward.

And then…sweet relief!

When I started getting solid sleep while traveling, my life transformed.

My energy level skyrocketed, improving my relationships and my mood. I no longer felt like I was losing hours, or even days, of my life recovering from sleepless travel. 

Thousands of happy customers

When we launched my design on Kickstarter, I hoped it would help a few people. I was truly blown away by the results. The Kickstarter campaign was funded 20x times over our goal. And I’m proud to say that thousands of people benefited. Thousands of customers have transformed the way they sleep while traveling using our solution.

Media outlets like NBC, The Dr. Oz Show, the Daily Telegraph, and social sites like Bored Panda (to name a few) flooded the internet with their praise of our first-of-its-kind patent pending design that finally solved the problems of neck pain and forward head motion.

We found even more uses for it!

Our customers contributed to efforts to help our military men and women get sound sleep on transport carriers. They travel sometimes for days on end without any headrests. With the retractable clips, they could attach the nod2.0 to the netting behind their heads.

nod2.0 ultimate travel pillow supports our military 

Here’s exactly what you should expect with your purchase of the nod2.0:

The nod2.0 is the first and only travel pillow to solve the problem of forward head motion. It comes in a smartphone-sized, lightweight case that fits easily in your briefcase, purse, or whatnot. No more carrying a goofy travel pillow through the airport (or to your next stop).

The nod2.0 allows you to:

  • Arrive at your designation relaxed and rested.
  • Get sound sleep upright in planes, busses, trains, and cars, and just about any seat.
  • Keep your head, neck, and spine aligned so that you’re not in pain when you arrive.
  • Get to sleep faster by wearing it over your eyes to block light.
  • Fully supports the weight of your head and neck so your shoulders can relax.
  • Travelers of all heights can use, even if you’re taller than the seat back.

So, you can either continue traveling with the same old sorry pillows --assuming like I did that fatigue after travel was the only option. Or you can choose a better way.

So, do you want to enjoy more of your travel destination when you arrive?

If so, you need the nod2.0 to arrive well rested and ready to roll.