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Finally! You can Sleep Upright in flight!

From time to time most everyone has a need to travel long distances, either by car, plane, bus or occasionally even public transport. Whether you choose to sleep on the journey or not, there is often a need for good head and neck support to take the burden off your shoulders and allow you to sleep or simply relax.   No travel pillow offered the solution, until the simple and smart invention known as the Sleep Upright.

Simply put, Sleep Upright is the only pillow that stops the age-old issue of head bobbing!  Hundreds of shapes and designed pillows all try to combat the issue of forward head motion yet none have succeeded.   The pillow cord clips anchor quickly to any seat back allowing passengers of all heights to use and enjoy its relaxing benefits.  You also won't find yourself laying over on the stranger next to you. 


Sleep Upright was designed by Paula Blankenship, who is an avid traveler.  She was often uncomfortable and purchased many travel pillows throughout the years, just to find that after using them, she still suffered from the same issue, head bobbing.  On a long-distance flight, she sat out on a mission to solve this problem and tied a scarf around her head on a flight.  "It was like a bolt of lightning that hit me," she says.  "I couldn't wait to get off of the plane to make my prototype."

After doing her research and securing the intellectual property for the product, a crowdfunding campaign was launched on Kickstarter.  The campaign was a major success and raised 1535% over the goal.  News of the amazing Holy Grail of travel pillows was heard around the world and major news outlets and television stations carried the story worldwide. 



We are now excited to announce we have recently received our inventory of the nod2.0 that is ready for shipping from our Louisville, KY warehouse.  Soon you will be seeing the nod2.0 onboard many airlines and airport retailers around the world.



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Nod2.0 Travel Pillow is a finalist in the inaugural consumer-voted Travel Retail Awards, to be held in Singapore in May! 


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